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Privacy Policy

Big & Small Consulting (DBA – Red Apple Assocation) is focused on ensuring your privacy. This privacy statement and policy clarify what information we gather, how we gather it, what we utilize the information for, whom data is given to, and the person’s rights concerning their data. We may use individual data or information provided to us for any of the reasons clarified, as is pertinent, or as otherwise stated at the point of obtaining the information or data.  This, additionally, alludes to data or information about you when you utilize our website or when we perform any other actions that form part of the structure or operation of our website.

We process individual data or personal information as vital for our legitimate business purposes in a straightforward way. If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At the points when we allude to “our site,” “our website,” “this site,” “this website,” “we,” “us,” and “our,” we are referring to Big & Small Consulting, its site, and any other member firm in the U.S. that is: 1. Engaged in giving or accepting services or products; 2. Sends you correspondences; 3. Posted a job position that you are applying to; 4. You have a job, role, or relationship with, including using and access to our sites and applications.

In this privacy statement and policy, your data or information might be, in some cases, alluded to as “personal data” or “personal information.” Likewise, we may allude to dealing with, handling, gathering, collecting, amassing, compiling, protecting, keeping, defending, preserving, securing, and storing your data or information as “processing” such detailed or personal data or information. We aren’t held to the requirements of the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Remember that there are or can be member firms in the Big & Small Consulting network organized as separate legal entities. Thus, you should know that you might not have a direct connection to or with us, but with one of our independent member firms or their related entities instead. Such websites related to the independent entities, or other individual sites that could be linked to this site, are not subject to this privacy statement.  We urge visitors to look over or read the privacy statements on every one of these different sites before giving out any of your personal information.

What information do we collect?

            We gather individual data from you when you utilize this site. We may collect or acquire such information since you offer it to us (for example, on a form on our site). We may gather or get individual data from you since we observe or infer that data about you from how you connect with us or others. For instance, to improve your experience when you utilize this site and guarantee that it is working adequately, we (or our specialists or service providers) may implement or use cookies, which may gather individual data or personal information.

The individual data that we gather or acquire in such conditions may include: your name; e-mail; country; employment information; education details; your posts on any web journals, blogs, forums, live chats, and any other social media applications that we have, offer, or provide for use; your I.P. address; what browser type you use; what language you use; your access times; details of any of your complaints; details of how you prefer to interact or communicate with us and any other comparative or similar information.

The individual data we gather may likewise incorporate supposed ‘sensitive’ or ‘special categories’ of personal data, for example, insights regarding your dietary necessities (for instance, if we furnish you with breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner during any of our meetings).

The types of individual information and unique or special categories of the individual or personal information we obtain may fluctuate, contingent upon how you utilize our websites. We may collect other information about you in some conditions because you voluntarily gave that information to us. We are required to obtain the information because of the legal requirements we must follow.

We comprehend the significance of ensuring that children’s privacy is protected. Our website and any other services are not designed for, intended for use by, or purposefully directed at children under thirteen years old. It is not our policy to intentionally gather, obtain, or store data about children. Big & Small Consulting’s policy is to never knowingly or purposefully collect or keep any personal information on or about children under the age of thirteen.

We gather and use business contact details for people associated with existing and potential Big & Small Consulting customers to oversee and keep up our relationship with those individuals. Like most businesses, we utilize and implement a customer relationship management system to store individual data on any business or organizational contacts.

Big & Small Consulting staff initiates the assortment and collection of personal information about contacts and any personal information additions. They may include name, e-mail, employer name, title, phone, and other business contact details that are necessary. Big & Small Consulting may also collect data from the Big & Small Consulting’s e-mail and calendar systems concerning interactions between Big & Small Consulting staff and their business connections or contacts.

When we communicate with or contact you via e-mails, messages, etc. we may utilize technologies to discover if the communication method has been opened, read, or whether the links that are inside the communication method has been clicked on. We may combine the data gathered through these methods with other information we keep about you to quantify interest in any of our particular contributions, specific offerings, or e-mail campaigns, better our offerings to specific target audiences, and adapt or alter our communication or interactions with you.

How we use the information we gathered about you

            Personal information collected via our website:

We can utilize your personal information gathered through our website to oversee, manage, and enhance our site, adapt, or alter our site’s content to give you a more progressively customized experience.  We can also use your information to draw your attention to details regarding the services provided by entities within the Big & Small Consulting network that might bear some significance of interest for you. We also use it to manage and respond to any request you submit to us via our site.

            Use of individual data for other activities that form some part of our business and its operation:

In addition to the reasons related to the activity and operation of our site that was stated above, we may utilize your data and information for the appropriate legal or regulatory requirements, solicitations, requests, and correspondences from competent authorities, sending you details of products and services administered by entities within the Big & Small Consulting network that may be of significant interest to you, reaching you to collect input or feedback on the services, connecting with you for other market or research purposes, and ensuring our rights are protected.

            Purposes of utilizing personal information to run our business may also include:

Administering to our relationship with customers, offering services, assistance, and customer support services to our customers, building our business and services, distinguishing customer needs, upgrades or alterations in service delivery, becoming more familiar with a customer relationship opportunity other independent member firms or we have an interest in, breaking down and assessing the quality of interactions between Big & Small Consulting and a contact, carrying out analytics, generating metrics for Big & Small Consulting leadership, keeping up and utilizing I.T. systems or frameworks, encouraging the facilitation of events or occasions, and directing, administering, or managing our site, frameworks, systems, and applications.

The legal grounds we use for handling or processing personal information

We are legally required to set out the legal grounds on which we depend to handle your information in this privacy statement.

We utilize your personal information for the reasons stated above due to: (a) our genuine interests in the effective conveyance of our website; (b) our real interests in the competent and lawful activity or operation of our website, as long as such interests are not exceeded by your interests; (c) the regulations and laws that we must adhere to – for example, saving records for tax purposes or giving information to a government organization or law enforcement.

In regards to the degree or extent that that we process any sensitive information on you for any of the reasons that we mentioned above, we will do so because: (i) you have given us your express agreement to process that information; (ii) the processing of the data is vital for the organization, to pursue or defend legal cases or (iii) you have made the information open and public.

In aspects where we must legally obtain your unequivocal agreement to furnish you with certain promotional or marketing materials, we will only give you such promotional materials where we have acquired your consent. If you decide that you would no longer want to receive any promotional or marketing materials from us, you can unsubscribe via the correspondence method or e-mail.  

To whom we disclose or share your information?

In regards to one or more of the reasons that were listed in the “How we use information about you” section above, we can and may divulge insights or information about you to other members of the Big & Small Consulting network; third parties that offer various types of services to us; skilled specialists or authorities (including courts, government bodies, and authorities that oversees regulations we must follow or another member of the Big & Small Consulting network) and other outside sources or third parties that require access to information relating to you for one or more of the reasons that were stated in the “How do we use information about you?” area above.  

Our website may have different online journals, blogs, discussions, wikis, and other internet-based social media applications that permit you to exchange content with other users (collectively “Social Media Applications”). Significantly, any of your personal information you share with these Social Media Applications can be perused, gathered, and utilized by other application users. We do not have any influence or control over these other users; thus, we cannot ensure that any of the information you share or add to any Social Media Applications will be dealt with per this privacy statement.

Remember that some of the recipients of your personal information referred to above might be situated in countries or nations outside of the United States; their laws may not give a similar degree of information security. In such cases, we will guarantee that there are satisfactory defenses set up to protect your data or information that complies with our legal obligations.

We will need to divulge your personal information whenever we are legally required to do so, such as any legal procedures.

We can and may share non-personal, de-identified, and aggregated information with outside parties for multiple reasons, including data analytics, research, submissions, and promotional purposes.

Our business contacts can be seen by and may be utilized by other Big & Small Consulting member firms to become familiar with a connection, customer, or opportunity that they may be interested in.

We will only impart your personal information with others for business purposes and when we are legally allowed to do so.  When we share information with others, we set up legally binding contracts or arrangements and implement security mechanisms as appropriate to ensure that the information is protected and to adhere to our information protection, confidentiality, and security guidelines.

Besides the information sharing described above, we also share personal information with the recipients listed below and for many reasons:

Other Big & Small Consulting member firms as needed for administrative purposes and to provide professional services to our clients in different states or territories.

We do utilize and implement third party and outsiders to help and assist us in offering our services and in helping provide, run, and deal with or manage our I.T. systems and frameworks – for instance, suppliers of data and information technology, hosting of our websites, management of the website hosting, analysis, back up of data, administration and procedures of maintaining security or storage of data and information, etc. We do use or implement servers from third-party service providers, and those may be located anywhere; due to this, data and information can and may be stored on these servers;

We do implement auditors and any other number of expert advisors, for instance – law offices, as they are essential to establish, protect, apply, or safeguard our lawful rights and acquire guidance regarding our organization’s operations. Individual information may be given to these evaluators, advisors, or experts as necessary due to the correlations with our business, products, or services they or we are providing.  We do have multiple insurance policies set up, and due to this, we may need to provide your individual or personal information to these insurers – for instance, in a case or claim where it is necessary to share this information with them;  

Every once in a while, we may get requests from outside third parties that have the power or authority to receive your personal or individual data and information to ascertain and verify that we comply with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, to examine or determine if there is any criminal wrongdoing taking place, or to establish, protect, apply, or safeguard any legal rights. We will satisfy demands for your personal or individual information or data if there are any applicable law, regulation, or guidance that requires such to be done.

We will divulge your data or information to an outside third party if it is essential or necessary in regards to multiple business situations such as sales, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizing of the organization, transfers, or any other condition that requires any part of our business, capitals, or assets to be distributed, adjusted, or changed.

Your Personal Information and Its Protection

We do use a variety of physical, administrative, and electronic methods in our efforts to ensure that your personal information is secure, accurate, and up to date. These methods could consist of:

            Instruction, education, or training applicable to staff to guarantee they know about our commitments and obligations regarding the management, supervision, and handling of any individual data and information.

  Authorized or specialized administrative or technical systems that limit access to data or information will be implemented or assessed based on a ‘need to know’ aspect.  

Safety and security efforts or programs will be utilized. They can include firewalls, encryption methods, anti-malware, anti-virus, and other software or hardware that can be implemented to ensure safety and security.

Despite our strenuous efforts to ensure your data or information is secure, there is never a 100% guarantee it will be safe or secure, especially when it pertains to anything over the Internet; This cannot be realistically promised of anyone. While we attempt to ensure that any individual data or information is secure, we can’t guarantee that anything sent to us or comes from us is un-hackable or completely secure.

These are generally accepted standards of technology and operational security designed to protect personal information from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Only authorized Big & Small Consulting personnel and other parties defined or portrayed in this statement are given access to any individual data. These representatives, employees, and other parties have agreed to maintain this information’s confidentiality unless otherwise necessary for reasons outlined within this statement.

How long do we keep your information?

We can and will hold your data on our frameworks and systems for the longest of the following time frames:

  1. Whatever time frame is necessary for the applicable or appropriate services or activities.
  2. Whatever time frame is required, necessary, or pertinent for law, regulations, or legal matters.
  3. When the litigations, legal matter, or investigations that have emerged regarding the services is completed.

 This means that personal information will be retained in Big & Small Consulting records, files, or systems for as long as we have – or need to keep a record of – a connection with a business customer, affiliate, or contact. Individual data may be or could be held for more extended periods where expanded retention is legally necessary as required by law, regulation, or guidelines or because professional norms and standards are necessary for the ability to establish, protect, apply, or safeguard any of our legal and lawful rights.

Your rights

In regard to your data, you do have different rights. These rights that you have are:

  • Obtain affirmation that we are processing your data, and you can solicit a copy of the information or data we have about you.
  • You can ask that we update the data we have on you, or you can request that we correct any that you believe to be incorrect, a mistake, or incomplete.
  • You may ask that we erase any data that we have on you, or you may limit the way we use your information unless it is required by law or for legal reasons that we keep it or divulge it.
  • You may oppose our processing of your private data.

Suppose you ever wish to unsubscribe or withdraw from our mailing list or any of our enlistments. In that case, we will give you guidelines in either the site’s appropriate area or correspondences to you. If you are concerned about cookies, typically, browsers allow people to decline the cookies. Usually, when you refuse or erase one or more cookies, you may still access our site, but site functionality might be impaired. After you are done browsing on our sites, you can delete the site cookies if you so desire.

This Privacy Statement and Changes

We may modify, edit, correct, or change this privacy statement at any time.

We will add a revision date at the top of this privacy statement to let you know that it is a newer version. The privacy statement will apply from the date of the amendment listed. It is essential and encouraged to look over these changes or check the privacy policy frequently to stay up to date on it and what we are doing.

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to (collectively, the “websites”) and any other Big & Small Consulting (DBA Red Apple Assocaition) website on or accessible through that connect to these Terms or for which no different terms are given.

Some individual websites may have their terms and conditions, and specific content on those websites might depend on additional terms. By getting to some other Websites or other Content inside the Websites, you consent to be bound by any additional terms and conditions that govern and administer the use of each such website or each such content. If there are no Terms and Conditions given on a Website, then these Terms will apply.

You should read these Terms carefully and cautiously, as they contain important and essential information regarding your lawful rights, rectifications, and obligations of your use of the Websites, including but not restricted to different limitations prohibitions, indemnities, or repayments.

By utilizing, accessing, implementing, or getting to the Websites and all of the services made available through the Websites, you indicate that you have read, comprehended, and consented to be bound by these Terms in all aspects and regards to the Website(s).

 Should you not agree to be bound by every single term or condition, or if any portrayal or representation made by you is not true or correct, then you may not utilize, implement, access, or use any portion of any Websites and should cease any use of the Websites immediately.

The “Big & Small Consulting network” refers to Big & Small Consulting (B&SC), the member firms of Big & Small Consulting (B&SC), and their related entities. An individual entity provides each website within or related to within the Big & Small Consulting Network.

Big & Small Consulting, LLC is the U.S. member firm of Big & Small Consulting (DBA – Red Apple Association) and is the parent company of the operating entities that perform client services in the United States, and is the entity within the Big & Small Consulting network that is administering this site and is alluded to in these Terms of Use as “we,” “us,” or “our.”  


We have detailed and explained some words utilized in the Terms and on the Websites for elucidation, comprehension, and further explanation.

“Content” signifies all materials, substances, plans, publications, texts, illustrations, various media materials, interactive media components, photos, recordings, music, sounds, reports, archives, programming, data, formulas, examples, information, software, and any other works.

“Member Firm” signifies any local association or partnership, firm, or other elements that are a member of the Big & Small Consulting network of firms, everyone who is a separate legal entity, and any offshoot, affiliate, or subsidiary of any Member Firm.

“Partner” and “Principal” signifies meaning a person or individual who is a partner, principal, member, shareholder, investor, or some other equivalent of a Member Firm, as per wording and terminology that is typically utilized in professional services, administrations, associations, and their organizations. Similarly, “office” alludes to any office of at least one Member Firm in the relevant administration.

“B&SC,” “we,” or “us” refers to the Big & Small Consulting networks or its individual or independent Member Firms. “B&SC,” “we,” or “us,” as used in individual articles and other media and services available on the Websites and may refer to the B&SC network as a cumulative whole or as individual Member Firms.

“B&SC Parties” refers to all and comprehensively the individual Member Firms of the B&SC organization or network, including their officials, administrators, faculty, partners, offshoots, directors, personnel, contractors, subcontractors, affiliates, and others related to the B&SC organization or network.

 “Subscribers/Registered Clients/Registered Users” refers to the clients or the individuals who have subscribed for the membership of B&SC to obtain access to various features or restricted features of a B&SC Website or one of its affiliated websites.

 “User” means all users or clients of a B&SC Website or one of its affiliated websites.

“you” signifies the individual or client of the Websites.

About the Websites

The Websites provide information about B&SC, including news, articles, online journals, interviews, blogs, updates, and the services and products it offers.  References to “the webpage,” “the site,” “the Website,” “the Websites,” and “” incorporates all services, software, contents, features, and various other services and aspects that are available or implemented inside the related website(s).

The Websites provide a varied scope of features that can include customized or personalized content, client profiles, subscriber profiles, ratings, commenting, and other interactive features. There may be times that we will add, create, design, improve, upgrade, or implement features, and some features may only be available to Registered Users.

Informational purposes only

The Websites and the features or contents accessible inside them are for entertainment, enlightening, or informative purposes only. The contents, features, elements, or other available parts within The Websites should not be taken as professional advice, nor should these be depended upon by anyone accessing, reading, or interacting with the features and contents. The contents, features, and other items within The Websites should not be used to secure financing, receive governmental or legislative endorsements or approvals, secure capital, operate a business or organization, or be utilized to acquire services or benefits from any organization, company, or entity. You should speak to or consult with professionals before making a decision or taking action.  

Use of Content; Restrictions; Privacy Statement

You are allowed to look at or share (but not modify) any content in this Website so long as it is used to inform others, refers back to this Website, refers to B&SC and its affiliated organizations, or when doing college and university research, studies, or papers. However, the content or features being used MUST be cited appropriately, attributed, and linked back to the Website(s), B&SC organization, author of the work if available, or one of the B&SC affiliates.

You are NOT approved or authorized to duplicate or utilize any software, programs, technology, processes, innovations, or exclusive materials and products that are depicted, incorporated, exhibited, or described in the Website(s).

You will conform to all laws, regulations, and legal guidelines to utilize and access the Website(s).

You recognize, acknowledge, and consent that we may utilize your data and information as indicated by our Privacy Statement, Terms and Conditions, Notices, or Contracts, which are integrated or assimilated by this reference. You also recognize, acknowledge, and consent to the particulars, obligations, and commitments established and signified within the Privacy Statements, Terms and Conditions, Notices, and Contracts.

Intellectual Property Rights; No use of Big & Small Consulting names or logos

The content, features, materials, and substances on the Website(s) are created, contributed, maintained, and provided by B&SC or another entity or person affiliated with or within the Big & Small Consulting Network (B&SC) unless otherwise stated or indicated.

The Website(s) and its related materials, features, contents, designs, software, and processes are ensured protection by copyright, trademark, other laws, regulations, and rules within the United States and other foreign countries and governments. We and our licensors have all rights reserved even if not explicitly stated or granted in these Terms of Use.

“Big & Small Consulting,” “B&SC,” the Big & Small Consulting logo, and language variations of the previous or prior trademarks, and specific names that show up on the Website(s) (the “Big & Small Consulting (B&SC) Marks”), are reserved or registered trademarks of the entities within the B&SC organization and its network.

Unless authorized by these Terms of Use or explicitly approved in writing by the appropriate trademark owner, you will not utilize any B&SC Marks, either alone or in consolidation with other words, designs, or components; including in any public statements, notices, media, marketing, or other methods regardless of whether it is oral, written, visual, electronic, technology, or some other process or form.

You acknowledge and consent that you will not replicate, change, lease, rent, deep-link, sell, credit, assign, dole out, sublicense, award, grant security interest in, or transfer rights of Our Content; eliminate any notifications, notices, marks, or labels on or in Our Content; or permit some other person, individual, or entity, to take part or perform in any of those activities.

References to other organizations, entities, or other parties’ trademarks, brand names, or content on this site are for distinguishing or identification purposes and do not demonstrate that these parties have approved the Website(s) or any of its substance or content. These Terms of Use do not give you the right or option to utilize the trademarks, brand names, or other entities or parties’ content.

All rights, titles, interest in and to the Websites and all Content, source codes, marks, measures, plans, innovations, URLs, technologies, domain names, imprints, logos, processes, designs, and other content that shapes or forms any aspect of the Website(s) (“Our Content”) are entirely bestowed upon us, our licensors, or suppliers and are ensured protection by the relevant copyright, trademark, licenses, patents, trade secrets, and other rights, laws, regulations, and guidelines.

You concur, acknowledge, and consent that Our Content is authorized and licensed subject to these Terms, including any disclaimers and limitations or restrictions of liability. You are not awarded any rights in your utilization, access, or implementation of the Website(s) or Terms, titles, interest in, or to Our Content aside from the limited or restricted option or right to utilize the Websites as stated in these Terms.

Changes to and availability of the Websites

The Website(s) are made accessible on an “as is” basis with no promise, guarantee, warranty, or representation as to their functionality, usefulness, accessibility, or availability.   There is no assurance, promise, commitment, or guarantee that they are finished, exact, accurate, complete, ideal, or timely. There are also no guarantees regarding any results or outcomes that you or others may receive or get from your or their utilization. Access to all, parts, or any of the Website(s) may be suspended at any time without any prior notice.

Submissions, including Comments and Feedback

The Website(s) may contain useful functionalities that allow you to remark on articles; share materials; give thoughts, recommendations, proposals, suggestions (“Feedback”); or make accessible, certain materials through, in connection with, or regarding your utilization of the Website(s) (“Submission(s)”).

Regardless if it is identified within the Website(s) or not, you recognize, acknowledge, and consent that your Submissions are not classified, confidential, or private; your Submissions are spontaneous, unsolicited, and without limitation; and that the suppling of any Submission does not put Big and Small Consulting (B&SC) under any monetary, fiduciary, trustee, or other commitments and obligations.

We may (but have no commitment or obligation to) screen, evaluate, assess, modify, edit, monitor, remove, or eliminate Submissions before or after they show up on the Site(s); we have no power or control over and are not liable or responsible for any utilization, abuse, and distribution by any third party individuals or entities of your Submissions.

User-generated content (such as reviews or testimonials) is owned by the user and licensed to the B&S website. When you (the user) submit these reviews, testimonials, feedbacks, suggestions, recommendations, proposals, thoughts, ideas, etc. you are granting your consent and permission for B&SC to publish the content on the Website(s).

Should you decide to make freely accessible any of your recognizable, personally identifiable, or other data and information through the Website(s) (such as writing a comment or other form of Submission), it is at your own risk. You concur and consent that such Submissions by you will conform to all applicable terms, requirements, and conditions stated in the Terms and Conditions.


We may monitor or screen the use of the Website(s) now and then; however, we have no commitment or obligation to do this. If we monitor your use of at least one of the Website(s), we will do as related to relevant or applicable laws.

We do not have any commitment to edit, review, censor, or survey any of your Submissions; to control, censor, check, or audit any Third-Party Content; or to screen use of the Website(s).

You acknowledge and consent that we may – without notice, liability, or risk – disclose to Third-Parties any of your data or your Submissions; monitor use of the Website(s); and screen, monitor, survey, review, and retain your Submissions if we regard or determine such action is sensibly and reasonably important or necessary to provide the Website(s) to clients; provides adherence to, enforces, or implements these Terms; conforms to any laws, rules, regulations, or guidelines; respond to any charge or allegations of illicit actions, or asserted infringement or violation of Third-Party rights; or to protect us or others.

When we do get a complaint regarding your operation or use of the Website(s), in that case, you recognize, understand, consent, and concur that we may – at our sole discretion and without notice, obligation, or liability – examine and investigate the complaint, confine, restrict, suspend or end any service involved, or potentially eliminate your Submissions from our servers or networks.

Acceptable conduct

Your use of the Website(s) will be for legitimate and lawful purposes only. When you notice any infringements or violations, by any individual or organization, of any aspects of these Terms, you will promptly tell us by reaching us and giving us the help, as requested or needed, to stop or rectify such infringements or violations.

Prohibited conduct

When utilizing the Websites(s), you should not do any of the actions listed below:

  • Post, communicate, or make accessible through the Website(s) any materials that are or might be intimidating, threatening, hateful, harassing, debasing, derisive, degrading, terrorizing, or neglecting to regard the rights of others; disparaging, defamatory, fraudulent, slanderous, fake, or libelous, indecent, vulgar, disgusting, pornographic, or obscene; or an infection, worm, virus, Trojan horse, Easter egg, time bomb, spyware or other code, record, file, software, app, or program that is or is possibly harmful or invasive or expected to harm damage, seize, or hijack the activity of, operation of, or to monitor the utilization of, any equipment, hardware, programming, or software.
  • Post, send, or make accessible through the Websites any material protected by copyright laws, trademark, trade secret, or some other property right, without the applicable owner’s express prior written consent.
  • Use the Website(s) for any business reason to gather or process the information on behalf of or for the benefit of any third-party.
  • Use the Websites for any reason that is deceitful, dishonest, prohibited, nefarious, unauthorized, or illegal.
  • Interfere with the activities or the operations of the Website(s), the servers, or the networks that are utilized to make the Website(s) accessible; this includes hacking or destroying any part of any of the Website(s); or disregard or violate any requirements, terms, procedures, or policies of the servers used, organizations, or the networks.
  • Restrict, hinder, impede, obstruct, or inhibit any individual from accessing or using the Website(s).
  • Create or share content without getting authorization from the third-parties or necessary individuals. Implement the Website(s) to post or send any data that you don’t reserve the privilege or rights to share; that would disregard any laws, regulations, guidelines, or rules; or that would disregard, violate, encroach upon, or infringe the rights or interests of any third-party.
  • Reproduce, alter, adjust, transfer, make derivative works of, sell, lease, rent, advance, co-op, disperse, loan, or abuse and exploit any part of (or any use of) the Website(s) aside from what is explicitly approved in this, without B&SC’s express earlier written permission or consent.
  • Reverse engineer, destroy, or dismantle any part of the Website(s), aside from where such limitation is explicitly restricted by appropriate law.
  • Remove or change copyright, brand name, trademark, or other restrictive rights notices on the Website(s) or Content you access through the Websites.
  • Frame, copy, mirror, or reflect any part of the Website(s), consolidate, assimilate, or integrate any aspect of the Website(s) into any item, service, administration, or product without B&SC’s written consent received before you do it.
  • Consistently or methodically download, accumulate, save, or store any Content on the Website(s).
  • Do not use any robot, spider, Websites search/retrieval application or other programmed devices to (a) recover, “data mine,” retrieve, list, “scrape,” “information mine,” or collect  Content from the Website(s), (b) replicate, bypass, prevent, or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Websites, or (c) Harvest or gather data about clients or the users of the Website(s) without B&SC’s written permission or consent.

Should you not agree with these or to these Terms (or in if we have the grounds to assume or are investigating suspected infringement). In that case, we may suspend your connection or access to the Website(s), or we can take other steps that we deem fitting or appropriate.  

Requirements to Use the Websites

If you are an individual, then you verify, acknowledge, and warrant that you have arrived at the age deemed to be of the legal adult age where you dwell and that you are, on any occasion, at least 18 years of age.

If you are utilizing the Websites in the interest of a company or other association; then you verify, acknowledge, and warrant that you can consent to these Terms for the benefit of the organization you represent, and all references to “you” all through these Terms will incorporate such association – jointly with the business and you individually.

You verify, acknowledge, and warrant (I) you are not situated in a nation that is subject to a U.S. Government ban, or the U.S. Government has assigned as a “terrorist supporting” nation; and (ii) you are not recorded or listed on any U.S. Government list of disallowed, restricted, or prohibited parties. Should any relevant law, regulation, rule, or guideline forbid you from using or accessing the Website(s), then you may not use them. If you access or utilize the Website(s), you will be bound to these Terms; You will have all the responsibilities, commitments, obligations, and liabilities as if you were qualified or eligible.

Your Responsibilities as a Registered User

Should you decide to subscribe with us and become a Registered User, then you concur you are exclusively liable and responsible for your account and all activities that happen under your account, including all activities of any people who access your account with or without your authorization, and you consent to:  

  1. Provide right, current, correct, exact, and complete data about yourself as requested by us, and let us know right away of any changes to your data or information so that we can  ensure that your Account information is current, complete, accurate, and precise;
  2. maintain the privacy and security of your account, including your username and password;
  3. notify us quickly of any unapproved use of your Account, Account password, or any service given through your account, any breach of security concerning your Account, Account password, or any service received through it;
  4. assist us as we request to stop any breach of security identified with your account.


We may suspend, limit, restrict, or end your use or access of the Website(s); This does include your account; This can be done for any reason at any point of time without notifying you in any way and for any reason;  This can also include reasons such as your use of the Website(s) hinders the activity or proficiency of the Website(s) or our or any third-party’s equipment, network, or organization; We have gotten a third-party complaint which identifies your misuse or abuse of the Website(s), or you are in breach of any term or conditions of these Terms. We will have no obligation to tell any third-party, including any third-party suppliers of administrations, services, products, data, merchandise, or information, of any suspension, limitation, restriction, or termination of your access to the Website(s).

Your Content

You verify, acknowledge, and warrant that you have all rights needed to give the licenses referred to in these Terms. You confirm, acknowledge, and warrant that your Submissions are (a) complete and exact and accurate (b) are not deceitful, fraudulent, or in any way infringing upon or violating any appropriate law or right of any third-party.

You permanently waive any ethical, moral, or other rights concerning attribution of creation, authorship, or integrity of materials for every Submission that you may have under any applicable law under any legitimate legal theory.


We don’t claim ownership for your Submissions. Still, you do consent and concur that by posting, transferring, providing, uploading, contributing, inputting, giving, submitting, entering, or sending your Submissions to us or any third-party, the Website(s):

  1. You have granted us and allowed us an eminence free, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, wholly paid in full, never-ending, irrevocable, unavoidable, adaptable, transferable, and completely sublicensable (through various levels/multiple tiers), license, and permit, without extra consideration to you or any third party, to repeat, create derivative works of, appropriate, distribute, perform, and show (publicly or privately), do subsidiary works of, modify, adapt, adjust, change, and use, dissect, analyze, and practice any remark, comment, content, or Submission, in any format or media now known or any that is created in the future, and for any reason or purpose (counting limited-time promotional purposes, for example, testimonials);
  • You will have subsequently affirmed, represented, and confirmed to us that you have all rights, titles, and interests, and authority to grant the permit or license to your Submissions as mentioned above;
  • You will indemnify and save us and vouch for us as being harmless from and against any liabilities, activities, procedures, claims, reasons for action, requests, obligations, misfortunes, harms, charges, and costs, including sensible legal charges, any sum paid to settle any activity or to fulfill a judgment and expenses of any sort and character at all acquired by us identifying with or emerging from your Submissions, including occurrences where any of your Submissions (a) infringes any Third Party Content or other third-party protected intellectual property rights, or (b) is wrong, indecent,  profane, inappropriate, abusive, encroaching, defamatory,  foul, infringing, disgusting or unlawful;
  • You recognize and consent that the specialized handling, technical processing,  and transmission of the Website(s), including your Submissions, may include transmissions over different organizations, networks,  and changes to adjust, adapt, and conform to specialized or technical requirements of connecting networks or devices, and that your Submissions might be prone to “caching” or other technical processing or transmission procedures, strategies, policies,  and methodologies by us or at different areas on the Internet.


Should you delete the account that your Submissions are associated with, you recognize, acknowledge, and consent that we may hold a duplicate or duplicates of the same for recorded, archival, or compliance purposes or to provide the Website(s) to you or others, subject to your license to us as described above, and to our Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Material

The Website(s) may contain connections or links to sites and different materials made accessible by third-parties. If you utilize such processes, you are directing us to access, send, and transmit to you the applicable content of the Third-Party Material.

Third-Party Material might be protected by rights and laws, such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Nothing in your use of the Website(s) or these Terms awards you any right, title, or interest for or to this Third-Party Material aside from the restricted option to use the Website(s) as established in these Terms.

We neither control nor commend nor are answerable or responsible for any Third-Party Material. We make no portrayals, warranties, representations, or guarantees concerning them. The accessibility of any Third-Party Material through the Website(s) doesn’t suggest the endorsement of or alliance with any supplier of such Website(s) or materials. Your use of any Third-Party Material is at your own risk. It is subject to any policies, terms, conditions, and arrangements relevant to them (for example, terms of service or privacy policies and approaches of the Third-Party Material).

Trade and Service Marks

You may not utilize the “Big & Small Consulting ” or “B&SC” trademarks, brand names, imprints, service marks, logos, plans, designs, or any other design or mark held by B≻ these are not to be used on any item, product, service, or administration that isn’t a B&SC Member Firm;  nor are they to be used in any way that is going to confuse other individuals or organizations on whether it is a legitimate B&SC organization.  Nothing contained on the Website(s) ought to be interpreted as giving any right to use any trademarks, brand names, service marks, logos, designs, or plans without the owner’s express written consent before the use of such materials.

Open Source 

The Websites may incorporate open source segments or components, which are authorized and licensed for use and distribution by us under relevant open source licenses. The use of these open-source items is represented, governed by, and subject to the appropriate open-source licenses’ terms and conditions.

U.S. Copyright Infringement Claims

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”) gives a plan of action to copyright owners who think that material showing up on the Internet infringes upon their rights under U.S. copyright law. If you believe that materials accessible on the Website(s) violate your copyright, then you (or your manager or agent) may send B&SC a composed notification via mail or e-mail and should ask that B&SC eliminates such material or remove access to it

If you believe somebody has wrongly filed a copyright infringement report against you, the DMCA allows you to send B&SC a counter-notice. Notices and counter-notices must meet the then-current legal requirements enforced by the DMCA. See for more information. Notifications and counter-notices must be sent in written format to B&SC at:

 Big and Small Consulting, LLC,

Attn: DMCA

378 Hawridge Rd

 Ozark, AL 36360

Or by e-mail to [email protected]; or by telephone at (334)545-0466. We recommend that you speak to your legal consultant or advisor before filing a DMCA notice or counter-notice.

Liability and Warranties


B&SC makes no warranties or guarantees about the site, which is given “as is.” To the highest extent allowed by law. We exclude all inferred warranties regarding the site, including without limitation, the warranty of merchantability, fitness for purpose, title, and non-infringement.

Limitation of liability

The Websites are provided for data and information purposes. To the maximum extent allowed by relevant laws, our related people and we exclude all liability and obligations for any misfortune, loss, harm, damage of any kind,  and any that arises in connection with or regarding your use of or your inability to use the Website(s) and any materials you get through the Website(s).

You recognize, acknowledge, and consent that usage of the Website(s) is dependent upon the risks implicit in any association, connection, and transmission on the Internet, especially concerning security dangers, threats, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, technical performance, the danger of interference, and risk of interruption. Neither B&SC nor any B&SC Parties are obligated or liable to you in any conditions for any damages, misfortunes, losses, or harm brought about by disturbance, disruption, failure, or disappointment of web or internet networks or for any interferences to or limitations on the accessibility of the Website(s) in any way, shape or form and for any reason; This is including, yet not restricted to, on account of a virus, security-related weakness, technical, or operational failure of any kind.

To the maximum degree allowed by applicable law, the B&SC Parties disavow all risk. They will not be obligated nor liable for any incidental, aberrant, punitive, accidental, consequential, indirect, special, considerable, or corrective harms, losses, or damages; including without limitation, damages or liability for lost revenues, benefits, profits, or incomes, altruism, goodwill, work stoppage, security breaches, infections, viruses, P.C. failures, glitches, or malfunctions, use, information, data, or other intangible losses, or business and commercial damages; regardless of whether any such parties are notified, instructed, or advised concerning the chance of such losses, emerging under, in connection with, or regarding these terms, the site, the use of or inability to use, or some other matter concerning this subject.

To the greatest extent allowed by relevant laws, the B&SC Parties will not be liable, responsible,  or subject to you or any other individual or organization for any blunders, oversights, errors, or omissions in the website(s); any data or information made accessible through them; any choices made or any actions taken by the reliance on the website(s), or the data or information made available through them; or for any damages, misfortune, loss, or harms – including special, exceptional, consequential, similar, or comparative disadvantages – that emerges out of or regarding your use of the website(s) or any data, information, or materials got by you through or in connection with the website(s).


To the most significant degree allowed by applicable laws, you consent to protect and defend (at the indemnified party’s option), reimburse, indemnify, and hold the B&SC Parties and their insurers innocent from and against any misfortunes, losses, harms, liabilities, damages, costs, reasonable lawyers’ and attorneys’ fees, and expenses regarding any case or claim emerging out of, in connection with, or regarding any material, content, information, or data posted or sent by you using the Websites; or arising out of your use of the Website(s) or utilization of the Website(s) by any third party who is given access or accesses the Websites because of your action or inaction. The B&SC Parties have the right at any point in time to forego the indemnification and accept the defense of any case or claim. It isn’t the purpose of the B&SC Parties to influence or affect the rights of the B&SC Parties or their insurers to accept the defense or settlement of any case or claim against any B&SC Party for which insurance protection or coverage is looked for under any applicable insurance policies.

Disclaimers and Assumptions of Risk

B&SC disclaims all responsibilities or liabilities regarding any mistakes, errors, oversights, or omissions in the materials and content contained on this site.

The Websites and all data or information gave to you through the Website(s) are presented “as is” and “as available.” To the greatest extent allowed by law, the B&SC Parties disclaim all express, suggested, implied, statutory warranties, concerning the equivalent; including without restriction all express, inferred, implied, and statutory warranties concerning the equivalent, including without constraint any inferred guarantees or warranties of merchantability, readiness or fitness for a specific purpose, accuracy, fulfillment, non-infringement, non-obstruction, non-interference, mistake free assistance, error-free service, and continuous, uninterrupted service.

 B&SC doesn’t warrant or represent that the Website(s), information, administrations, services, and data given through the Website(s), programming, software, information, or data downloaded from the Website(s) will be exact, uninterrupted, omission-free, accurate, current, continuous, error-free, oversight free, or free from viruses, infections, or other destructive factors.

By making accessible the website(s), B&SC isn’t making an offer of any budgetary, tax, bookkeeping, financial, legal, or other expert and professional services, goods, or products. The data or information presented on the website(s) ought not to be construed as legal, accounting, bookkeeping, tax, or other expert or professional administration, advice, or service.

Some jurisdictions prohibit and do not allow the disclaimer of specific guarantees, warranties, or conditions or restrict particular sorts of liabilities and risk. In such situations, to the degree that such prohibitions forbid any avoidances, exclusions, impediments, and limitations in these Terms, such restrictions, rejections, exclusions, and constraints won’t apply to you strictly to the degree necessary to make these Terms consistent with such limitations or prohibitions.

Other legal provisions


We reserve all rights to revise these Terms at any point in time without notice to you. Yet, we will utilize practical efforts to publish every change, correction, or amendment before such change becomes effective. The most recent, completely revised version of these Terms will be posted on the Website(s). You are liable and responsible for consistently viewing the Websites to acquire notification of such changes, corrections, or amendments. If any change is not acceptable to you, you may end the arrangement between you and us regarding the utilization of the Website(s) as set out in these Terms. Suppose you keep using the Website(s) after the effective date of any revision, change, correction, or amendment. In that case, you will be regarded as having acknowledged and consented to these Terms’ amended form.


All of the Website(s) have a Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions. You recognize, acknowledge, and confirm that you have read the Privacy Statements and Terms and Conditions situated on every one of the Websites, as it might be updated periodically. You further recognize, acknowledge, and consent that to the degree required under the relevant law, by using such a site, you agree to the collection, use, and disclosures by us of your data and information (regardless of whether it was already gathered or will be collected) for the reasons identified. You additionally agree to our use of such information and data per such Privacy Statement, which is integrated by forms, references, and structures as an essential aspect of these Terms.

Our Remedies

Without restricting any of our rights, we may terminate, suspend, confine, restrict, or end your use of the Website(s) without notice if we decide or determine that you have violated or abused any of the Terms; including but not restricted to any of your obligations, responsibilities, and agreements as set out above.


Your use of the Website(s), the content, materials, features, and highlights that are received or accessed through them, establish your consent to these Terms; such consent will be assumed for all legal purposes to be recorded as a written and legally enforceable as a signed and written arrangement and agreement.


In these Terms, (I) the subtitles, captions, and headings are for comfort and don’t establish substantive matter and are not to be understood as interpreting these Terms, (ii) the expressions “counting,” “incorporates,” “includes,” “for example,” “without limitation” or “not restricted to” (or different expressions or words) when following an overall explanation or term (regardless of whether it is non-restricting language) isn’t to be interpreted as limiting. The use of the word “or” between at least two or more issues or subject matters doesn’t infer a relationship or connection between the problems being associated, and (iii) all references to Website(s) locations, URLs, links, or addresses will also incorporate any replacement or substitution sites containing generously comparative data as the referred to Website.

No implied waiver

If you don’t consent to these Terms and don’t make a move to take action right away, this doesn’t mean that we – or any of the B&SC Parties – are surrendering any rights that they or we may have; for example, to take action later on.

Limitation Period

Any reason for activity or actions you may have concerning these Terms, or the Website(s) must be initiated inside one year after the case, claim, cause of action, or reason for activity emerged, or it will be barred.


Any consent, notification, permission, waiver, endorsement, approval, authorization, or other correspondence to be delivered regarding these Terms and Conditions:

•          by us to you will be regarded to have been viably, effectively, legitimately, and validly given whenever conveyed, delivered, or sent to any of the contacts recorded in your account;

•          by you will be regarded as viably, effectively, validly, and legitimately given if written and delivered or submitted.


At any point in time, we may assign our obligations, privileges, rights, and commitments under these Terms, in entirety or to a limited extent, without any notice to you. However, you may not assign any of these Terms without our previously written assent. These Terms will establish to the advantage of and bind you, us, and our legal delegates, representatives, replacements, successors, and authorized assignees.


You concur that no joint endeavor, venture, association, partnership, agency, guardian, fiduciary, business, employment, or organizational relationship exists between you and us because of these Terms or the use of the Website(s).

Force Majeure

Neither of the parties will be liable or responsible for an inability to satisfy its commitments or obligations under these Terms or for the delay in doing as such if the delay or failure to meet these Terms is because of conditions beyond its control; for example, acts of nature, acts of government, war, mobs, riots, strikes, pandemics, death, and mishaps or accidents in transportation, but barring an absence of financing, cash, money or credit.

Entire Agreement

These Terms, as changed now and then, including all reports, documents, policies, Websites, rules, terms, and strategies referred to in this, including but not restricted to the Privacy Statement, comprise the whole agreement between you and us on your use of the Websites.

English Language

The parties have mentioned, requested, and agree that these Terms and all documents or records in relations with it will be drawn up and written in English.


If a specific term is discovered to be unenforceable, this won’t influence other terms.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

If the Terms and Conditions accessible on a specific Website does not state otherwise, these Terms will be represented by American law, and any contest, proceedings,  disputes, or procedures originating from your use of the Website(s) will be subject to the jurisdiction of the American judicial systems in the state of Alabama.


This Privacy Statement and Terms are current as of the date on the head of this page. We may update the Terms of Conditions and the Privacy Statement at any given point in time by posting the updated form here. It is your duty and responsibility to know about any Terms of Use and Privacy Policy changes by checking this website page. If you keep on using the Website(s) after any such changes, that will indicate that you read, acknowledged, and consented to the changes and comprises your agreement to the amended Terms of Use.